Childhood Obesity: Burn Away the Threat with Physical Activity

Physical activity is widely recognized as an important component in treating and preventing obesity in children. This is, of course, in addition to sensible eating habits and – where necessary – diet modifications. Even medication that addresses obesity should not be viewed as a weight reducing cure-all apart from physical activity. Continue reading “Childhood Obesity: Burn Away the Threat with Physical Activity”

Reccomendations For Helping Your Child Fight Obesity

Treating childhood obesity successfully is primarily accomplished through physical activity, diet and behavioral changes. The goal of this treatment is not necessarily direct weight reduction but rather slowing down weight gain during overall childhood development until an ideal weight is achieved. Multiple studies have demonstrated that employing merely one of these three methods is insufficient by itself while the strategic use of all three is most effective in sustained weight loss and health. Continue reading “Reccomendations For Helping Your Child Fight Obesity”

Effects of Obesity on the Brain and Cognitive Learning on Children

The primary consequences of obesity and its effects on children are cognitive learning impairment and poor health. Some kids are able to overcome poor health and high weight consequences during their teens or early adult lives, but the longer term effects that childhood obesity brings to bear on cognitive learning are often irreparable. Continue reading “Effects of Obesity on the Brain and Cognitive Learning on Children”

Joint Problems in Overweight Children and Teenagers

Arthritis is typically associated as an old person’s health problem, so doctors and other health practitioners often do not expect that obese children might face the same painful experience. Consequently, arthritis symptoms frequently are not treated promptly because they are most likely not accurately diagnosed until the pain becomes severe. Continue reading “Joint Problems in Overweight Children and Teenagers”

Diet Products Reviewed

As teenagers we are often looking for a quicker way. A quicker way to mow the lawn, get the homework done so you can visit your friends, or a quicker way to loose weight. Even for those of us that saw our teen years a long time ago much of the same holds true. We all know there are many diet products both artificial and natural but which are the best? Following is a review that will perhaps lead you in the right direction. Continue reading “Diet Products Reviewed”

Teenage Obesity Controlled the Natural Way

When you are trying for results with a natural weight loss program, exercise in conjunction with the dietary aspects will increase your chances of successfully reaching your weight goals.

Some people who are beginning a natural weight loss program do not realize the benefits that can be gained by making regular exercise a form of weight loss. Taking advantage of these benefits means that you don’t have to strain so hard in other aspects of your weight loss program. The exercise doesn’t even have to be strenuous or difficult to the point of painful,just consistent. For example, if you spend twenty minutes on a brisk walk three to four times per week, you will gain tremendous benefits in your weight control efforts. Other forms of exercise, including those that are aerobic are equally helpful in controlling your weight. Continue reading “Teenage Obesity Controlled the Natural Way”