The Pain of Being Fat

There is a lot of emotional pain with being fat. People can be cruel and fat children and teenagers are another group to pick on. They have fat kid jokes, show pictures of fat kids dancing and add ugly captions; they show pictures of fat kids eating cake, meat with barbecue sauce covering all over our face and clothing. Yes, people think it is funny to make jokes about others. Perhaps these people need to experience the pain of being fat. Continue reading “The Pain of Being Fat”

Sugar Risks and Dangers

Our bodies need several B vitamins, minerals such as chromium and zinc, fiber and other nutrients in order to assimilate sugar. These occur naturally in sugar cane or sugar beets from which table sugar is derived. However, an over-enthusiastic concern for “hygienic” foods has led to the excessive food processing of which sugar is a prime example. In the early days of industrialization dark, raw sugar was used sparingly. This sugar contained molasses, a sticky residue of cane juice, highly concentrated in vitamins and minerals and with a specific taste, which could cause diarrhea when eaten to excess. To promote the consumption of white sugar, a rumor was initiated by the newly built sugar refineries and some biased scientists, that raw sugar was unhygienic and therefore unsafe to eat. Eventually the concept was accepted paving the way for the current wide use of refined white sugar in western countries. Continue reading “Sugar Risks and Dangers”

Video Games in a World of Obesity

There are many issues with childhood and teenage obesity. Could technology be one of them? Have you ever thought what your life would be like without technology? The internet, television shows, and video games – it truly is impossible to imagine what type of activities we would be participating in, if these phenomenon’s didn’t exist. In all honesty, this lack of temptation could have been our solution for obesity. With minimal sedentary activities, would we be more active and healthy? Would we no longer have to battle the scale? Continue reading “Video Games in a World of Obesity”

The Don’ts of Childhood Obesity

The Prevention of teenage and childhood obesity comes with many challenges. There are hundreds of childhood obesity resources – from guides to web pages and support groups; the ability to stay on track has never been more feasible. But with the ‘how to’s,” comes the “what shouldn’t I do?” inquiries.  Have no fear – we have provided basic guidelines on what you shouldn’t do when trying to help your child overcome obesity. Continue reading “The Don’ts of Childhood Obesity”