10 Tips to Prevent Teen Obesity

Obesity is a growing concern not only in the United States and most other developed countries. Obesity is primarily due to the unhealthy eating habits of people who live in a world that is trying so fast to catch up with itself. Children and teens emulate what the they see happening in their environment, and the result is an increase in teen and childhood obesity.

Childhood obesity has varying effects, and not just on the physical but also on the mental health of the child. Asthma, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure are the most common ailments but not the only ones a child can have; he can also suffer from depression because of the pressure and discrimination he experiences everyday from peers and loved ones alike.

As parents, it is left to us to stop childhood obesity from taking root. Below are 10 ways that we can go about it: Continue reading “10 Tips to Prevent Teen Obesity”

The Teen Challenge of Weight Control

Almost everywhere a teenager goes there are opportunities to buy snack foods and. Many schools have snack bars or vending machines, the mall has food courts. If at the movie theater, snacks and munchies will be available for purchase. In truth, many of those establishments do not allow you to bring in your own snacks to eat while watching the featured movie.

All of these eating opportunities is having a negative impact on our health. The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a revealing summary on the obesity epidemic. What exactly is an epidemic? According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, an epidemic is something that spreads rapidly among many people in a community. This is suitable for obesity, as it is not just situated in America but as the WHO reveals it is a worldwide phenomenon.

Globally, according to the WHO, there are some one billion people that are overweight. That is staggering to think that even in third world countries where not enough food to feed one’s family is a common battle on a daily basis, you still have overweight people. Continue reading “The Teen Challenge of Weight Control”

Weight Loss Camp A Good Choice For Teens

For many adolescents, a weight loss camp is probably the best way to lose weight and fight off obesity.

Instead of struggling with cafeteria temptations, schoolyard taunts or parental pressures, teens can learn good habits, develop lifelong programs and begin a healthy lifestyle – not just for a summer.

To learn more about why weight loss camp is a very successful method of retained weight reduction for adolescents, keep reading.

Weight Loss

The most obvious and readily apparent benefit of a weight loss camp for teens is the actual physical weight loss that occurs. Free from temptations attacking their will power and encouraged to engage in physical activities, most teens participating will drop the pounds and keep them off. Continue reading “Weight Loss Camp A Good Choice For Teens”

Childhood Obesity: Burn Away the Threat with Physical Activity

Physical activity is widely recognized as an important component in treating and preventing obesity in children. This is, of course, in addition to sensible eating habits and – where necessary – diet modifications. Even medication that addresses obesity should not be viewed as a weight reducing cure-all apart from physical activity. Continue reading “Childhood Obesity: Burn Away the Threat with Physical Activity”

Reccomendations For Helping Your Child Fight Obesity

Treating childhood obesity successfully is primarily accomplished through physical activity, diet and behavioral changes. The goal of this treatment is not necessarily direct weight reduction but rather slowing down weight gain during overall childhood development until an ideal weight is achieved. Multiple studies have demonstrated that employing merely one of these three methods is insufficient by itself while the strategic use of all three is most effective in sustained weight loss and health. Continue reading “Reccomendations For Helping Your Child Fight Obesity”

Video Games in a World of Obesity

There are many issues with childhood and teenage obesity. Could technology be one of them? Have you ever thought what your life would be like without technology? The internet, television shows, and video games – it truly is impossible to imagine what type of activities we would be participating in, if these phenomenon’s didn’t exist. In all honesty, this lack of temptation could have been our solution for obesity. With minimal sedentary activities, would we be more active and healthy? Would we no longer have to battle the scale? Continue reading “Video Games in a World of Obesity”