The Teen Challenge of Weight Control

Almost everywhere a teenager goes there are opportunities to buy snack foods and. Many schools have snack bars or vending machines, the mall has food courts. If at the movie theater, snacks and munchies will be available for purchase. In truth, many of those establishments do not allow you to bring in your own snacks to eat while watching the featured movie.

All of these eating opportunities is having a negative impact on our health. The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a revealing summary on the obesity epidemic. What exactly is an epidemic? According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, an epidemic is something that spreads rapidly among many people in a community. This is suitable for obesity, as it is not just situated in America but as the WHO reveals it is a worldwide phenomenon.

Globally, according to the WHO, there are some one billion people that are overweight. That is staggering to think that even in third world countries where not enough food to feed one’s family is a common battle on a daily basis, you still have overweight people. Continue reading “The Teen Challenge of Weight Control”

The Don’ts of Childhood Obesity

The Prevention of teenage and childhood obesity comes with many challenges. There are hundreds of childhood obesity resources – from guides to web pages and support groups; the ability to stay on track has never been more feasible. But with the ‘how to’s,” comes the “what shouldn’t I do?” inquiries.  Have no fear – we have provided basic guidelines on what you shouldn’t do when trying to help your child overcome obesity. Continue reading “The Don’ts of Childhood Obesity”