Controlling Teenage Obesity Starts With Healthy Eating

Teenager, child or adult fighting obesity is a challenge for each of us. While we hate to hear it we must accept the fact that what we eat is a major contributor to our obesity.  Regardless of our age if we are going to control our own obesity or help another family member control theirs a little pre-planning goes a long ways.

Planning a diet often comes down to the person for whom you’re planning the healthy eating – a young child or older adult. For a youngster, diet is a critical component of his or her mental and physical development. Each teen or child needs vitamins, nutrients and calories to grow, but they also need to eat healthy meals to build a strong foundation for the future.

It might be easy to crack open a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese or zip into a local drive-through on your way home from school or work, but these habits not only can lead to childhood obesity, but also malnutrition and major health problems over time.

Of course, for busy teens and parents, it’s not always easy to prepare healthy snacks or full meals. So, keep reading for some snack and meal ideas that are not only nutritious, but also simple and fast.

Pre-Cut Veggies

Prepare for your week by pre-slicing some veggies and fruit. Keep your sliced snacks in small-size Tupperware containers in the refrigerator. When you need a snack, reach for a pack of carrots, cucumbers or strawberries, rather than chips or cookies.

Stock Up Your Car or The Family Car

One of the biggest hurdles of healthy eating for both adults and children is in-the-car snacks and on-the-road eating. With a car full of hungry kids, parents are more easily swayed to pull into a fast food restaurant or grab a quick snack at the gas station.

Instead, keep your car well-stocked with healthy snacks that will remain fresh over a period of time. For example, include a few Ziploc bags of pumpkin seeds, raisins, sunflower seeds, a favorite cereal or dried fruits handy. That way, when feeling restless or hungry snacks are at hand.

Make Healthy Meals Fun

Parents don’t bore youngsters with a piece of lean meat and a side of green peas. Instead, make your meals colorful and fun with orange sweet potatoes, bright red peppers or yellow squash.

Fresh is Best

Fresh, clean food is much better than frozen or overly-processed, pre-packaged meals. If you simply don’t have the time to invest making your own meals from scratch, try purchasing meals that are either made right at the grocery store or opt for take-out options from restaurants that are committed to healthy eating and organic selections.

Ideally, if the ingredients list is longer than 10 items, you don’t want to be feeding it to your child.

Mom, If Your Kids Like It, Stick with It

Healthy eating especially for young children is sometimes hard – kids often don’t want to try new things. So, if your child loves asparagus, then stick with it. Don’t try to impose eggplant on them. Healthy eating isn’t about forcing yourself and your child to eat foods they don’t like – instead, it’s about finding healthy foods that all of you love.

Kids, If You Like a Paticular Healthy Food Let Your Parents Know

If you find a food that you really like and it is healthy let who ever does the shopping know. Don’t expect them to be mind readers and then be disapointed because you didn’t tell them. By letting your parents know you are not only helping yourself you will also be helping them to get rid of their own love handles.

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