Even Fat Kids Can Get Dates!

As a fat kid I tried hard to be liked but was extremely shy when it came to asking a girl out on a date. In fact I was so shy that I only had a few dates in high school. In college that all changed when in what some might call an act of foolishness I asked the most beautiful girl in my accounting class to go on a date. As it turned out we became a steady couple and a few years later she became my bride. As it turned out, this girl turned out to be my motivation to loose weight and after I started dating her the pounds started to come off. I tell you this for from personal experience I realize that too many of us allow our obesity to get in the way. Sure, teenage obesity is no fun and sure we often do get rejected. Much of the rejection is brought upon ourselves, if we don’t like ourselves how are we to expect others to like us? If we are too scared of being rejected to face up to it, how are we going to overcome it?

Sure we might be a fat teenager and hopefully we are now in the process of taking off some of that extra weight. If you believe that you have to loose the weight before you ask a girl out, that is just a cop out! Even skinny teenage boys and teens of normal weight often have difficulty making that first move.Thoughts of rejection and being disliked are probably number one on a young man’s mind when confronted with the prospect of asking someone out.

If you would like to date but are afraid to ask, understand that you must start somewhere and at some time. Although it is already somewhat acceptable for girls to ask guys out too, the traditional procedure of guys asking first is still very much in play. If you are fat, thin or of normal weight and going to wait for a girl to make the first move and ask you out, the odds are you will be waiting a long time.

When you have internalized the necessity of what you have to do, look for someone you would like to ask out. It would be a lot less taxing if the girl you have in mind is already a friend or at least, an acquaintance. At least you have some idea of how to approach her and what she likes to do. If you’re thinking of asking out a girl you don’t know, then the logical thing to do is to get to know her first. Find a way to introduce yourself or let her know that you exist. Unless you’re Brad Pitt, it is not such a good idea to ask a complete stranger out of the blue to go out on a date with you. Chance are, you’ll get a snub, or worse, a slap for being so presumptuous!

After getting to know her a bit, it’s time to exude confidence. Naturally, girls don’t like obnoxious pretense so don’t over do it. They do, of course, get somewhat attracted to the right level of confidence. Don’t slouch, stutter, or shake uncontrollable when you’re fact to face with your girl. The best kind of confidence is to act as if talking to her is the most natural thing in the world. It is also a sign of confidence to be just who you are in front of her. If you pretend to be other than who you are, she may find out soon enough, in which case, you just took the long route to rejection. If you’re honest with who you are and she’s not impressed, then don’t bust your head over her. She may not be your type after all. If she doesn’t like you, she may not share your interests too.

When you get to the part where you actually get to ask the question, be cool and casual. Don’t ask her out formally. Instead, try asking her if she’d like to get together someday. Asking her this way will put her at ease and will lessen the sting for you if she says no.

Don’t ask her out on weekends unless the activity you’ve asked her out to falls on a weekend. Otherwise, plan for a casual week-day date. Weekend dates will put the pressure on you to mount something fantastic.

Once you’re done asking, wait for the reaction and the eventual response. You might be shocked the way I was when she says yes. But if she says no, shrug your shoulders and move on and ask another girl. Fat, thin or normal weight, never allow your fear of rejection to get in the way of life. Remember that “Even Fat Kids Can Get Date.”

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