The Pain of Being Fat

There is a lot of emotional pain with being fat. People can be cruel and fat children and teenagers are another group to pick on. They have fat kid jokes, show pictures of fat kids dancing and add ugly captions; they show pictures of fat kids eating cake, meat with barbecue sauce covering all over our face and clothing. Yes, people think it is funny to make jokes about others. Perhaps these people need to experience the pain of being fat.

As an adult I know the pain of being a fat child for I was one myself. As a child I was obese from about the age of 10 to the age of 19. Throughout school I got along well with other kids always doing my best to put on a smile and be friendly. Once the teen years hit getting along was not good enough. As we hit puberty not only were our bodies changing so were our attitudes. Kids that I had been a friend with now seemed to be splitting off into clicks of popular kids and not so popular kids. You probably know where fat kids usually ended up! That’s right, we were mostly the dregs of society.

You would see most of us fat kids participate along with everyone else in the school clubs and there we seemed to be accepted. In sports when the coach would split up into teams and assign students to pick the teams who do you thing would be picked last? You got it the fat kids! Inwardly there continued to be a lot of pain yet I would still do my best to maintain a smile and get along with others. Do you think it was easy for a fat kid to get a date? I think you know the answer to that one too! Outside of a school function I guess it didn’t make a lot of difference for we were rarely invited to a party anyway. Many nights I would cry myself to sleep knowing that I had not been invited to the birthday party, beach party or pool party because others knew that they might be ridiculed for inviting a fat kid.

In college two things happened. I started dating one of the prettiest girls in school and lost a lot of weight. Suddenly it was as if I was a different person. I was soon thereafter a member of a popular fraternity and later elected its president. I was also elected president of a college service club. I even ran for student body president losing by a very slim margin. Later this once fat kid was to become a Marine.

Was it being of normal weight that had changed me? Was it others that now saw me differently that made the difference? I think it was actually a little of both. As a normal weight kid I liked myself a lot better. If you do not like yourself how can you expect others to like you?

There is a lot of pain associated with being a fat child or teenager. Parents need to do all that they can to help their own children normalize their weight. If this means that as parents we need to loose weight ourself to help set an example that is what we do. If we need to keep the high calorie snacks and sodas out of the house even though we know our children will be upset with us that is what we do. If we need to learn to plan and get in the habit of preparing balanced meals and making sure our children eat them that is what we do. Parents don’t allow your children to experience this pain. Kids if you are experiencing this pain let me assure you that the discipline it takes to loose the weight is well worth it. Here at Teenage Obesity we will do our best to offer advice. Feel free to ask for advice if you like and if we do not have an answer you have my promise that I will personally look for one.


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