Video Games in a World of Obesity

There are many issues with childhood and teenage obesity. Could technology be one of them? Have you ever thought what your life would be like without technology? The internet, television shows, and video games – it truly is impossible to imagine what type of activities we would be participating in, if these phenomenon’s didn’t exist. In all honesty, this lack of temptation could have been our solution for obesity. With minimal sedentary activities, would we be more active and healthy? Would we no longer have to battle the scale?

In our struggle with the prevention of childhood obesity opinions vary. We do not see the issues with childhood obesity in black and white. Many feel that video games and internet surfing are contributing factors of obesity. For children who are currently growing up in this technology driven age, it appears to be a way of life. But with such fun, comes the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and the struggle to fight the bulge for years to come.

While video games have been a culprit for years, the industry is finally coming to a realization that health is crucial in a child’s development. They have recognized the issues of childhood obesity and as a result, more interactive games are beginning to hit the shelves. Thanks to the newest gaming console, Nintendo Wii, children can now enjoy their hobby, but get fit while doing so. The beauty of the Wii is that its main focus is getting you off your butt to exercise. From Wii sports (which consists of tennis, bowling, baseball and even boxing) to Wii Ski, which actually allows you to virtually ski with a balance board – these game are great for promoting a healthy lifestyle. It gets your heart rate up, works those leg muscles and makes you forget that exercise is painful. Though it isn’t as effective as taking a jog or actually joining in on a baseball game, it significantly improves ones activity level.

In addition to skiing and sporting games, Nintendo Wii also has come out with Wii Fit. One of the hottest video games on the market today, this game is aimed to fight obesity. It comes fully equipped with an initial health screening – which measures your balance, BMI and weight. Despite the fact that the BMI calculation may be somewhat imprecise, it is a great way to track your progress. It not only computes every day that you exercise, but it motivates you along the way. From yoga to Pilates, strength training and even balance board games – children and adults alike can stay amused and still fight the fat.

If your child loves video games but can’t seem to get off of the couch, try Nintendo Wii. Limiting ones usage is key, but with these interactive games, it shows your child that health is important. Furthermore, it puts them on a path that decreases the risk of obesity. Join in on a game as a family and you’ll soon find that exercise can be enjoyable. Who ever said that exercise had to be agonizing?

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